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ICYMI: Happywork Hit the Stands!

By Taylor Bartley

Happywork bookLocal social media advocate Chris Reimer has come out with a book that can change the way we think about work. Although it is fiction, it has surprisingly become a voice for all those unhappy with their job that want to be heard. It is hard not to relate to this book because it applies to anyone who has ever had a job. Whether you are working as a C-level employee or in an entry-level position, Happywork is an enlightening, inspiring and enjoyable read.

On February 19, the Social Media Club of St. Louis held a book launch party for Happywork. People ate, drank and were merry while Reimer dished about his book and social media as well. We learned that after almost 20 years of working as an accountant, he found it was not what made him truly happy. After a change in his career, he began to feel what it is was like to have a job that fits you well.

Happywork is not meant to be a book about all the horrible things that people experience throughout their career, it shines a light on those situations and provides solutions on how to make a change. Humans spend a large amount of their time at work, which is why having a healthy work-life balance is so crucial. Reimer harnesses that idea and takes it a step forward by challenging the way we feel toward work. Why does it seem that we have control over the happiness in our life but not our work? Sure, you can quit a job you do not like, but maybe it is not the job. Reimer suggests that maybe it just takes a little empathy in order to relate to your team and make work a happy place.

Learn more about Happywork and where it can be purchased here.


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