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Instagram by the Numbers


Here are 5 quick Instagram facts according to ICONOSQUARE’s Instagram 2015 Study:

Fact #1 – 61% of Instagramers like at least 1 media/day and more than 30% like over 10 media/day

Fact #2 – 64% of Instagramers are women, 36% men. 73% of Instagramers are between 15 and 35 years old

Fact #3 – 70% of Instagramers have already looked for a brand on Instagram. 41% follow or would follow a brand to benefit from special offers

Fact #4 – 48% of Instagramers are professionals. 46% of Instagramers have higher education degrees

Fact #5 – Top 3 reasons why users follow brands on Instagram: 62% because they love the brand, 54% to discover new things, 48% because they find content interesting or funny.

What is your favorite brand to follow on Instagram?

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