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2015 St. Louis Design Week Preview: September 19-25

September 15, 2015

St. Louis Design Week originated from a want to inspire and promote the practice of design in St. Louis. From September 19-25, you have 45 chances to “Learn something. Make something. Do Something.” With events all over town, every creative or non-creative can find something up their alley. Here is a small sampling of some… Read More ›

3-D Printing: A Brief Overview

By: John Schmitt In August 2015, the FDA gave approval to Aprecia Pharmaceuticals to start distributing the first 3D printed pill. WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Company, a Chinese construction firm, used 3D printed materials to construct the walls for a five story apartment block this past Spring. Currently Local Motors Manufacturing is producing 3D printed car… Read More ›

Digital Profile: LaunchCoderGirl

By: Kathryn Todd So, what is LaunchCoderGirl? LaunchCoderGirl is an all-women’s coding meet-up. LaunchCoderGirl is part of LaunchCode, a non-profit aimed to create “pathways to economic opportunity and upward mobility through apprenticeships and job placement in technology.” This program allows women to network, learn and create. LaunchCoderGirl offers participants from all skill levels access to… Read More ›

Interview with FocalCast Cofounders Devin Turner and Charlie Beckwith

By: Kathryn Todd I sat down with Devin Turner and Charlie Beckwith, co-founders of FocalCast. This new app is available in the Google Store and App Store and is designed as “a catalyst for learning in the classroom allowing students and teachers to annotate and give presentations from their mobile devices while sharing the newly… Read More ›

emily mcnew

Digital Marketing for Non-Profits: An Interview with Emily McNew

By Kathryn Todd With the 2015 State of Digital Media Marketing Conference taking place at UMSL Campus next week, we began to think about all the amazing marketing talent residing in our hometown of St. Louis. One St. Louis marketer who is blazing the way for how non-profits leverage digital and social media is Emily McNew. Emily is… Read More ›


10 Common Pitfalls of Mobile Marketing

By Jake Bauer and Paul Eschen There are currently over 1.8 Billion mobile users globally and with mobile marketing being the most intrusive of all of the platforms (I mean who doesn’t their phone with them at all times), it is very important to utilize mobile marketing as part of your marketing portfolio to better… Read More ›

product camp st. louis

ProductCamp St. Louis 2015 Recap

By Nicole Nelson On Saturday, March 28th, St. Louis Product Management Group, a not-for-profit organization, hosted the 4th annual ProductCamp St. Louis event.  The ProductCamp St. Louis event, or “unconference” as they like to call it, is for anyone that markets, designs or builds a product or service.  The unique part about this event is… Read More ›


How to Develop Effective Native Advertising

By Stacey Rynders and Darian Garey The line between poorly and well implemented native advertising is very thin. When poorly done, the backlash can greatly tarnish a brand – both the advertiser and the publisher. But, strongly integrated native advertising can be very effective.

Happywork book

ICYMI: Happywork Hit the Stands!

By Taylor Bartley Local social media advocate Chris Reimer has come out with a book that can change the way we think about work. Although it is fiction, it has surprisingly become a voice for all those unhappy with their job that want to be heard. It is hard not to relate to this book because… Read More ›

Facebook CTA Announcement

Brand New Addition to Facebook Pages: Calls to Action

For the holidays, Facebook launched a new call-to-action feature that will help Pages drive business objectives.