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#MDMC17 Live: Getting to Know the Speakers. Part 2

July 25, 2017

By: Dan Klevorn We continue to introduce the speakers of the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC17), who UMSL Business students were able to interview for the podcast series “In Your Business With UMSL Business”. NOTE: Please select the speaker you want to listen to: here. Sylvester Chisom At the conference, UMSL student Sean Gabris took… Read More ›

Digital Summit by Purina

Angela LaRocca is the chair of the UMSL Marketing Advisory Board and the Brand Manager at Unidev in St. Louis. This year she was invited to the Purina Digital Summit. This is an event put on annually for the company’s employees, close colleagues, and business partners. Below, Angela shares her thoughts and experiences about this… Read More ›

The Future of Marketing According to Industry Experts

By: Jordan DeMars, Pablo Romero Marketing is everything when it comes to promoting businesses, yourself, events, practically anything can be marketed. Over the years, it has evolved from newspaper ads to TV commercials and then to social media, and it just keeps evolving

3 Big Reasons Nutella’s Facebook Page is Worth the Like and Follow

By: Brittney Hager and TJ ShefferFacebook can easily be viewed as one of the most popular social media networks. People, young and old, enjoy using Facebook for socializing, picture sharing, and liking the pages of many of their favorite brands.

The Future of Live Streaming

By: Chidu Subbiah Live Streaming has become a buzzword of late, but the history can be traced back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when computing power became cheaper and powerful. The bandwidth of networks grew dramatically in this timeframe which increased the number of people and computers with access to those networks, creating the… Read More ›

A Chat with MDMC17 Speaker: David Deck

By: Brittany Lloyd David Deck is the owner at Built to Lead. A former professional soccer player and successful executive with progressive experience building, growing, running, and evolving businesses from $1M (5 employees) to $100M (+200 employees). David is an educator by degree, a teacher and coach at heart, who is uniquely equipped to partner… Read More ›

A Chat with MDMC Speaker: Brandon Dempsy

Brandon Dempsey is a serial entrepreneur and driving force behind his marketing firm goBRANDgo!, specializing in outsourced marketing services for privately held $10-100 million growth oriented companies. He is also the Chair of EO Accelerator, where he oversees a global program for entrepreneurship.

UX Design – What is it and why is it so important today?

By: Chidu Subbiah User experience (UX) can be defined as the customer’s perception and how they interact with the website, applications, products, services, and the organization.

6 Ways To Make Your University’s Social Media Channels Work Better

By: Brittney Hager with the contribution of TJ Sheffer, Gabrielle Sealey, Jordan DeMars, Daniel Klevorn, and Pablo Romero Technology has evolved drastically and brought a rise in social media. Almost everyone has at least one form of it,

Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

By: Jessica Fultz Live streaming is becoming an important part of the digital marketing world. We got the pleasure to participate in a seminar with Bonnie Frank, who went over many different points about live streaming and its importance.