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Learn how to Protect your Precious Data from #MDMC17 Speaker Dennis Dayman

March 22, 2017

By: Jordan DeMars After a successful first Twitter chat with Nicki Powers, UMSL Digital held another one with speaker Dennis Dayman leading up to the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

UX Design – What is it and why is it so important today?

By: Chidu Subbiah User experience (UX) can be defined as the customer’s perception and how they interact with the website, applications, products, services, and the organization.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dean of UMSL College of Business

By: Gabrielle Sealey and TJ Sheffer For those of you who haven’t been introduced to UMSL’s College of Business Dean, you’re in luck. In a recent podcast, “In Your Business with UMSL Business” produced by the school, our students had the opportunity to sit down with the UMSL College of Business Dean Charlie Hoffman,

Boost your Digital Marketing Knowledge with Tips from #MDMC17 Speaker Nicki Powers

By: Brittney Hager The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) is quickly approaching, and UMSL Digital had the pleasure of participating in a Twitter chat on March 7, 2017 with Nicki Powers.

6 Ways To Make Your University’s Social Media Channels Work Better

By: Brittney Hager with the contribution of TJ Sheffer, Gabrielle Sealey, Jordan DeMars, Daniel Klevorn, and Pablo Romero Technology has evolved drastically and brought a rise in social media. Almost everyone has at least one form of it,

Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

By: Jessica Fultz Live streaming is becoming an important part of the digital marketing world. We got the pleasure to participate in a seminar with Bonnie Frank, who went over many different points about live streaming and its importance.

How Text Analytics is Changing Marketing Research

By: Grey A. Geppert What do kids these days look for in a college? Ask five people and you’ll get six answers, at least. There are a lot of polls, studies and expert opinions out there, all pointing to very different conclusions, making the question a vexing one that has plagued higher ed administrators for… Read More ›

Share of Ear

By: Gregory Pride  Observing the Share of Ear report, the obvious takeaway is that podcast listening and awareness are all significantly on the rise. This year, more than half of the survey respondents knew what podcasting is, and that is very important. What that means is that now is a better time than ever before… Read More ›

Are your customers loving your brand’s emails?

By: Hannah Foley 3 Keys To Ensuring Subscribers Love Your Emails As marketers we spend significant resources creating compelling content, crafting beautiful emails and coming up with smart subject lines so our customers love receiving our emails. Right? Practice these three keys to retain and engage your subscribers with emails they love.

Email Marketing with Dynamic Content

By: Gregory Pride When it comes to email marketing, I immediately gravitate towards the shiny new technology. Dynamic Content in particular is utterly fascinating to me, since it opens the door for all sorts of intriguing applications.